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Archos Business Systems is the Philippines’ trusted point-of-sales, accounting & inventory systems provider. Our experience spans 25 years of working with restaurants, corporate and retail companies, helping them through our innovative business systems and fully-integrated IT systems.

Helping you make better business decisions

How We Help Our Customers

We’re a company built with the intention of helping Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses succeed through our innovative IT systems. Our business systems provide real-time data that our customers make better, information-driven decisions that can help them achieve their business goals.

How we started

Our Story

In 1994, we started out as a hardware maintenance provider, POS consultant software developer. Eventually, we became accredited as sole distributors of several, popular point-of-sales systems brands like Samsung Cash Registers, and Esper and CRS Cash Register Systems.

On April 4, 1995, IBM appointed Archos as official Business Partner. Less than a year later, on January 25, 1996, Archos was awarded by IBM the Rookie Business Partner of the Year with the citation “This Company proved that they can sell where IBM can’t”.


Archos’ mission is to escalate the adoption of IT Systems in the Philippines to enable all businesses to realize their full potential.


Archos will be the Filipino Entrepreneurs’ preferred source of fully-integrated IT Systems and greatest ally in elevating their businesses to greater Profitability and Productivity.

About the Team

The Archos Business Systems Team

Our company is managed by retail and IT experts with decades of experience. We also have a reliable team of service technicians who share the same level of technical expertise in the maintenance and support of the business systems we provide.

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