Our Business Systems Solutions

We provide a wide range of affordable and reliable business systems solutions all of which were made to help Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses make better business decisions.

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As an organization that prides itself in providing state of the art business and fully-integrated IT systems to the country for more than 24 years, we’ve placed a central focus on helping our customers make better business decisions to help increase profits and productivity.

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You can be sure that we deliver only quality software and hardware since they all come from competitive, leading brands from across the globe.

Restaurant Point-of-Sales Systems

We offer touch screen-based restaurant system that includes kitchen printers & monitors, tablet-based mobile ordering terminals, e-menus, in-store large format displays, and table tracking. Some options include component tracking, real-time online reports, and Head Office applications.

Our systems work with kiosk, fast food and full service restaurant formats.

Retail Point-of-Sales Systems

Boasting the ability to provide sales, trends, inventory, stock and movement information, entrepreneurs and managers can make data-driven decisions to increase productivity and profitability.

Some of the options include in-store or Head Office consolidation of reports, as well as links with ERP and franchising applications.

Accounting and Inventory Systems

Our accounting and inventory systems provide entrepreneurs and managers with detailed financial statements and reports, alongside inventory and production data.

Our system can also accommodate cooperatives.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Built for medium to large businesses who want to integrate all functional areas under one single platform, our enterprise resource planning system gives managers a competitive edge.

Security Systems

Our CCTV Systems, biometrics, RFIDs and other security and personnel management systems and applications are ideal for companies who are looking into keeping their company premises safe and secure.

Custom Software and Applications

Our expertise extends to custom development of Android/tablet-based customer software and applications that’s guaranteed to meet the requirements of our customers.